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MMR again
It was on September 17th. Here's the RealAudio link. My 45 seconds start about 3:30 from the beginning.
posted Sep 19

West Nile, West Nile
I recently knocked out two stories about the virus for The Health Show. One is about research on a vaccine, the other's a look at an effort to develop forecasts maps for transmission. It's interesting research.
posted Jul 30

More MMR
Check it out in RealAudio. My 40 seconds (or so) are about 4 minutes in.
posted Jun 30

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happy birthday MetaFilter

This past month saw the birthday of one of the more interesting sites on the Web. The popular community blog MetaFilter is now four years old. WAMC's Greg Dahlmann talked with the site's founder, Matt Haughey. (recorded July 22, 2003)
12:24 | listen: RealAudio · mp3

Sorry, I don't have a transcription, but check out the Matt Haughey media empire:
-A Whole Lotta Nothing

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